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We remodel, that is what we do... and we do it well! We also build new and would love to visit with you if that is what you have in mind, but remodeling is where we hang our hats. When clients come to us, they want to change something that “is” to something that “can be”.  They are putting a sledgehammer to the familiar to create the ideal.  Wrecking a perfectly good home to transform it into something better can be scary.  It requires a team effort and we take seriously the value of that team. 

Remodeling takes someone willing to go the extra mile, to think outside the box, to respond to surprises as opportunities for creativity… because remodeling always presents its surprises! We at Akin Construction have been creatively transforming homes for decades, and love doing so.  We take ownership of every job and especially enjoy the relationships that naturally develop with our clients as we spend time transforming their home.

Remodeling is also about managing expectations.  The relationship between the contractor and the client is very much like a marriage: the initial meetings and conversations are like dating as the dream is visualized.  Then comes the marriage and the honeymoon as the project gets underway and things are cruising along just dreamily.  But then come bumps and bruises and things can get stressful and you think “Why are we doing this?", so we step back, take a deep breath, join forces and finish well because things DO and WILL always work out as originally dreamed.  We tell our clients “Remember, we’re not working in your home, you’re living in our construction site!”  It is a relationship of mutual respect, trust and communication, for without those, it is an unrealizable dream.  Trust yours to us.





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