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JOHN AKIN . . .    John has been in the home construction industry for 37 years.  After a career in the multi-family development business, that Still, Small Voice in him urged him into the remodeling industry in Dallas in 1985 where he focused his attention on remodeling, hands-on and tools in hand!   He and Megan moved their young family (10, 8 and 6) to Fredericksburg in 1998 to focus on families... theirs and others.  John is blessed to be surrounded by the team of folks who constantly strive for excellence in their service to our clients.


JARROD BROOKS . . .    Jarrod began working with John in September of 1999.  What he lacked in ability he more than made up for in loyalty and teachability.  Jarrod has grown with the company, now primarily assisting with project management and estimating.  He is married to Sarah and they have four children.

DAVID NICELY . . .    The guy you want in your corner in a scrap!  David is wiry and energetic and literally almost always runs between tasks on the job.  He is gregarious and masterfully handles the finer craftsmanship we have become known for.  He is married to Candace and they have two sons.  He has been with Akin Construction since 2010.

RAFAEL GARCIA . . .    Otherwise known as “Rafa”, he has been with Akin Construction for 7 years.  Softspoken and humble, Rafa is a perfectionist…if it is 1/8th of an inch off, it is not good enough.  He excels as a trim carpenter, but there is no task he cannot make look easy.  He and his wife, Victoria, have one son.

ROBERT McDOWELL . . .    Probably knows more about construction than all of us combined.  Rob is excellent in so many trades and is a natural teacher and motivator.  He is project manager, rover, punch man, facilitator, you name it.  He melded into the company in 2012 and has been a major asset ever since.  Rob and Shannon have two sons, a daughter and a son-in-law.

BROTHERS JOSE AND MAURICIO MUNOZ . . .  They are almost inseparable .  They came onboard “temporarily” in 2014 at a critical turning point in our history and the growth they have experienced in their skills has been remarkable!  They tackle any task with enthusiasm and are always reliable to get it done well.  The older and more soft-spoken of the two is Jose. He and Brenda have three children, including one set of twins.  Mauricio was our tallest until Knox came along, is gentle natured and has 2 children with his wife, Fernanda.



JOHNNIE SCHEUER . . .    Keeps us all in line.  Johnnie handles all things financial and critical to staying in business!  She is sometimes more of a den-mother than bookkeeper/administrator, but she is a blessing.  Her story of joining Akin Construction back in January 2015 is humbling and inspirational.  She and Brooks have been married 52 years.



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